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Nitrado is a leading global game server and application hosting provider that focuses on DDoS-protected and low latency server hosting for all platforms. Nitrado provides the infrastructure and expertise that turns excellent games into amazing multiplayer experiences and is the first choice for game developers all across the industry.

Nitrado operates data centers worldwide, with new data centers recently coming online in Tokyo, Japan, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Other existing data centers include Frankfurt, Germany, EU, London, United Kingdom, EU, New York, United States, NA, Miami, United States, NA, Los Angeles, United States, NA, Sydney, Australia, Singapore, Asia, and Moscow, Russia.

Nitrado uses the latest systems from Supermicro to deliver the highest performance at lower costs than many competitors. Their unique approach allows customers to set up game servers in 60 seconds and get gaming faster. Nitrado develops all of the applications used and can modify applications to take advantage of the latest technologies. Nitrado's latest servers from Supermicro contain the 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.


With the increased demand for high performance games increasing, Nitrado data center managers knew that they needed upgrades to the servers that run the games for thousands of users. Managing the game's logic with extremely low latency is a primary concern for high end games that involve simulations.

As the number of users connected to the Nitrado data center increased, the engineers at Nitrado realized that a new generation of servers would be required to maintain strict Service Level Agreements for their customers.

In addition, keeping costs low for the compute and storage infrastructure was critical. To deliver high end performance to its customers, Nitrado needed to get more work performed per watt of electricity, necessitating integrating systems with 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors.


Nitrado is a long-time customer of Supermicro, using many generations of motherboards and systems. Nitrado found that Supermicro had several advantages over many other established server vendors. One key advantage is that Supermicro delivered servers with the latest technology faster than other vendors and had a robust early ship program. In addition, the competitive pricing on systems that included the newest CPU and related technologies was of high importance to Nitrado.


As part of the latest system upgrade, Nitrado chose the Supermicro BigTwin® Servers due to the ability to house eight CPUs in a 2U system:

System Processor Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory (PMem) NVMe Storage
Supermicro 220BT-HNTR 2 x 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor 6348 8 x 128 GB Intel Optane PMem 200 Series Per Node 1.6 TB Intel® SSD DC P4610
Supermicro 2029BT-HNTR 2 x 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor 6240R 8 x 128 GB Intel Optane PMem 100 Series Per Node 1.6 TB Intel® SSD DC P4610

Nitrado also uses several Supermicro's MicroCloud servers, specifically: MicroCloud 5039MC-H12TRF Intel E-2288G / 128GB RAM / 800GB M.2 NVMe.


The Supermicro BigTwin® systems provide superior performance and serviceability with dual 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors per node and hot-swappable toolless design. The latest generation of these servers also houses PCI-E 4.0 Storage Controller Options. The Multi-node BigTwin systems share components that offer more cost-effective compute & storage arrays than entry-level 1U servers. In addition, the BigTwin systems are available with All-Flash/NVMe Arrays. With security in mind, each node has a dedicated BMC port, requiring unique credentials to access management controls, monitoring capabilities, analytics, and event logs.

Intel® Optane ™ Persistent Memory provided Nitrado with additional memory to store frequently used data that would not fit in DRAM but was still required for low latency responses. This allowed Nitrado to reduce the number of servers that would have been needed, reducing the footprint, thus saving power and space. In addition, the Intel® Optane PMem persistent memory reduced the overall costs of the solution while maintaining a strict SLA.


‘‘We appreciate the excellent relationship between our two companies, which enables us to use early ship programs with the availability of the latest hardware. Our customers and therefore also service quality has the highest priority for us.’’

Marcel Bößendörfer, CEO, marbis GmbH


Nitrado can keep at the forefront of hosting the latest and most complex games ever created. By modifying their homegrown applications to take advantage of the Supermicro X12 servers that contain the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel Optane persistent memory, SLA's, in terms of latency were easily met. Nitrado expanded the number of concurrent users, solidifying its position as a worldwide leader in interactive game hosting.

Nitrado decreased the number of systems needed to deliver an engaging experience to their customers, which increases computing densities. With PMem, the CPUs are kept busy rather than waiting for data, thus increasing the ROI of the systems. The TCO is reduced, and the savings can be passed on to customers. With an increase in the amount of directly addressable memory (DRAM + PMem), innovative and exciting games can now be developed without the limits of previous generations of systems.


Nitrado increased workloads and decreased latencies by implementing Supermicro servers with 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel Optane persistent memory. Using the latest technology allowed Nitrado to meet increasing demands from its users while decreasing costs. With the newest technology from Supermicro and Intel, Nitrado can offer advanced technology at an affordable price to its customers.

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