Nitrado Enterprise Console

The ultimate dashboard for managing your game server infrastructure. Everything in one place giving you the visibility and overview you need when dealing with many servers!

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Control and

Decide what happens, when and where. You are in control and have full flexibility when it comes to anything regarding your servers. An intuitive interface makes it easy to control your inventory, mass deploy instances, monitor any data-point you need and, best of all, everything is fully customizable to meet your needs.

Money and
time savings

Pay only for what you really use. We are taking the guess work out of growth. Using a bare metal base and adding the ability to flexibly scale up or down to and from the cloud exactly when you need. Additionally, we are cloud-agnostic and you can use any provider of your choice. Fast and efficiently.

Security and

We put the gaming experience first. DDoS attacks are a real threat to your game and how users experience it. We protect you and offer a hassle-free and field-proven solution like no other. Additionally, our data centers are placed in strategic locations all around the globe and offer cutting-edge server technology with the focus on optimized game play.
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  • Nitrado has been a crucial partner in helping us bring private server rentals to mobile devices. Renting out private servers for mobile games is fairly uncharted territory, and Nitrado has worked with us every step of the way to ensure a positive customer experience and help us build out a robust feature set that our players enjoy.

    Jordan Kleeman / Lead Community Manager at War Drum Studios

  • The team at Nitrado has been instrumental in our publishing efforts in the last few years. From providing a stable network environment for our largest titles to making sure our smaller titles have dedicated server support. We love our partnership with Nitrado on every level!

    Peter Kang / COO at Snail Games

  • Nitrado guys are super awesome! Highly professional service goes perfect with a friendly attitude, and that’s what we’ve got here. They are always there when you need to set your servers properly and solve any issues that might occur. Thank you for wonderful cooperation!

    Miroslav Micevic / Business Development at ZeroGravityGames

Server Inventory

Manage the amount of servers in your inventory anywhere you are. You can view and edit all necessary data like assigning tags. Features like importing/exporting and synchronization allows the server inventory module to become the central platform and you can even continue to use your existing tooling. Additionally, you can filter and sort by location or any criteria you need to effectively manage all of your servers.

SteelShield – DDoS Mitigation

Revolutionary proprietary DDoS Protection

Traditional approaches to DDoS mitigation and common heuristics regularly fail when applied to game traffic. Due to the nature of the underlying network protocols, effectively protecting game servers from DDoS attacks has been an unsolved problem – until now.

Nitrado combines its in-house network expertise and close collaboration with game developers to create solutions that solve the problem at its root instead of just treating the symptoms. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your game become truly resilient against any type of DDoS attack.

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Monitoring & Alerting

Info is key. Getting the info you need is what we make possible. Prometheus based monitoring allows you to access any metric you want: CPU usage, RAM, very detailed ingame data, etc. All the metrics are displayed in one place so you can see the bigger picture. Precise analyzing and direct access to the configuration even via external tools helps you catch issues before they even become one. The customizable alerting features use all relevant data points to allow you to be ahead of the game. Additionally, existing monitoring tools and alerting platforms, such as opsgenie, can be integrated to save you time and money.

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Info is key. Getting the info you need
is what we make possible.

Deployment & Management

Manage and configure flexibly the deployment of game server instances across your server inventory. You can even launch mass deployments across many servers. Bootstrap and configuration of servers (not instances) via Ansible.

Built by developers for developers.

Comprehensive API

Nitrado has an in-house R&D team that is ready to work with you on any customized solutions you might need: frontend, backend and even smartphone apps. We have a central standardized RESTful API with secure oAuth authentication. Built by developers for developers, we actively use our own API in all media (smartphone, web ui, etc). It carries up to date documentation with auto-generated reporting directly from the source code which allows you to flexibly connect
and integrate your data.

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Hybrid solution

Scale into the cloud when needed: Use Nitrado bare metal servers to handle your base load and utilize the flexibility of the cloud the moment a peak occurs. This provides you with the most cost effective way to handle unpredictable influxes, but you can also scale back when needed. This way we take the risk out of your growth. Additionally, we are cloud provider agnostic and work with AWS, Azure, Google, etc. or any combination of these. Your existing solutions can be integrated, as well, to offer you the most efficient solution possible.