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Our History

Nitrado is the leading global game server provider focusing on DDoS-protected, low-latency server hosting for all platforms. Founded in 2001, Nitrado provides the infrastructure and expertise to turn great games into amazing multiplayer services, being a first choice for game developers across the industry. Nitrado has worked with major industry leaders and partners such as Studio Wildcard, Bohemia Interactive, Snail Games, GIANTS Software, Eleventh Hour Games, Torn Banner, and Grapeshot Games.

Tier 3 data centers across the globe in:
Frankfurt, London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Sydney and Singapore
- with offices in both Europe and North America.


  • Nitrado has been a crucial partner in helping us bring private server rentals to mobile devices. Renting out private servers for mobile games is fairly uncharted territory, and Nitrado has worked with us every step of the way to ensure a positive customer experience and help us build out a robust feature set that our players enjoy.

    Jordan Kleeman / Lead Community Manager at War Drum Studios

  • The team at Nitrado has been instrumental in our publishing efforts in the last few years. From providing a stable network environment for our largest titles to making sure our smaller titles have dedicated server support. We love our partnership with Nitrado on every level!

    Peter Kang / COO at Snail Games

  • Nitrado guys are super awesome! Highly professional service goes perfect with a friendly attitude, and that’s what we’ve got here. They are always there when you need to set your servers properly and solve any issues that might occur. Thank you for wonderful cooperation!

    Miroslav Micevic / Business Development at ZeroGravityGames

About Us

Nitrado is the global market leader in renting private game servers to players, built on top of industry-standard tools, supporting flexible integrations, unbreakable & battle-tested (of 5 years) SteelShield™ UPD-protocol DDoS protection, and cost-effective dynamic scaling to the cloud on demand. Our platform is extensive, customizable, and scalable to be a one-stop shop for multiplayer services. Nitrado is battle-proven, hosting over 180,000 concurrent game servers with convenient web UI and powerful APIs to make managing capacity a breeze. This ensures you can focus on building your game, from hosting persistent worlds, different game genres, mobile/console games, and more. Nitrado has over two decades of experience ensuring worry-free multiplayer services with server allocation, matchmaking, and DDoS protection, working with some of the largest game developers in the world—including Studio Wildcard, Eleventh Hour Games, Bohemia Interaction, and GIANTS Software. 

At Nitrado, studios can begin seamlessly integrating with our flexible solutions, customizing your multiplayer game’s experience with powerful hands-on collaboration and no limits– your game, your rules.
Tier 3 data centers across the globe in:
Frankfurt, London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Sydney and Singapore
- with offices in both Europe and North America.

March 7, 2024   Kevin Lott   

GIANTS Software and Nitrado: Enterprise Console Solution for Competitive Farming

With a need for robust solutions for GIANTS Software's innovative FSL esports, Nitrado's expertise shone through, ensuring an unparalleled competitive farming experience.
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February 22, 2024   Kevin Lott and Nitrado: Building a Seamless Partnership

Nitrado faced a growing need for hardware amidst a surge in users, strategically teaming up with to efficiently scale infrastructure and meet evolving demands.
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May 25, 2022   Adam Brennan   

Why Nitrado's Upgrade To Everflow Magnifies Growth

Creating a strong affiliate program was going to be daunting for Nitrado: Goals had to be defined, roadblocks had to be overcome, and practical solutions for various challenges had to be found.
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May 19, 2022   Adam Brennan   

Nitrado chooses G-Core Labs to scale its IT infrastructure internationally

The collaboration with G-Core Labs has provided Nitrado with necessary infrastructure and high computing power all over the world. The company needs these resources to develop its game server hosting services and to expand to new regions.
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October 11, 2021   Sebastian Jagoschütz   

Nitrado Delivers Exceptional Performance to Gamers Worldwide with the Latest Supermicro and Intel® Technology

Nitrado uses the latest systems from Supermicro to deliver the highest performance at lower costs than many competitors. Their unique approach allows customers to set up game servers in 60 seconds and get gaming faster.
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September 17, 2021   Sebastian Jagoschütz   

Bohemia Interactive and Nitrado – Multiplayer gameplay for Mini DayZ 2

Nitrado and Bohemia Interactive have worked closely together on a server hosting project with enormous success. Mini DayZ 2 is a mobile version inspired by the highly successful game that is available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.
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