SteelShield™ is a DDoS mitigation solution specifically designed for game traffic. Fully protect your game against any attack of any size! SteelShield™ provides you with the stability and security you and your players need!


SteelShield™ is customized DDoS protection specifically tailored towards protecting your UDP and TCP game server traffic.
STS is integrated with the game’s network protocol and backend services, making it computationally unbreakable.

Forget About Server Outages

Advanced DDoS protection

Conventional providers of DDoS protection services almost entirely focus on websites, and all those websites have their underlying protocols in common: HTTP(S) and TCP. Game traffic however, typically relying on UDP, works differently, since the different game protocols do not have common mechanisms that could be used to build a DDoS mitigation strategy on top of them. SteelShield is built to also protect your game traffic.

When attacks become a habit

When your servers are being attacked, your business and your community is being attacked. Without proper DDoS protection, it can get difficult to keep your community satisfied if attacks become a habit. When you release a brand new patch, move into open beta or start special events in your game you want to make sure that you don't have to worry about being DDoS'd.

Stop malicious traffic

In contrast to other available solutions, SteelShield™ does not employ fuzzy heuristics and thresholds that would lead to unreliable mitigation and false positives. With SteelShield™, all malicious traffic is dropped, and all valid traffic is let through. All of these steps are performed within microseconds, making the impact on latency negligible.

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DDoS is rarely being talked about publicly - for very good reasons. No one wants to encourage or challenge potential attackers. But this no-comment policy also leads to many game developers being unaware of the risks that come from those attacks. What actually *is* a DDoS attack? Why are attacks being performed in the first place, and what makes a game a likely target? And, finally, why do blanket solutions not work for protecting game servers, and what are the alternatives?

3 levels of protection, 
we can customize whatever you need

Experiences in online gaming can sometimes leave players frustrated. Some players will then take that frustration and try to disrupt the gaming experience of others, or intentionally harm the developer behind the game by attacking its infrastructure. Some players may even find ways to gain gameplay benefits from targeted DDoS attacks.

WHy Steelshield™?


Minimize consequences and cost impact of DDoS outages! Tailored solution for your needs from a vast library of solution/design patterns.

Blocked DDoS attack per volume and time

Source of attacks by packets per second


Create a better game experience as well as fair multiplayer worlds by keeping the bad guys out. If your game is under attack that leads to devastating consequences for customers, ops teams and infrastructure.


Create a better game experience as well as fair multiplayer worlds by keeping the bad guys out. If your game is under attack that leads to devastating consequences for customers, ops teams and infrastructure.

Source of attacks by packages per second


Nitrado’s SteelShield not only allowed us to mitigate large DDoS attacks, but also identify new ones before they become problematic and build the solid networking ecosystem our players demand.

Adam Graham / Server Technician at Studio Wildcard

SteelShield Protection keeps its promise and our connection! Since we've been using Nitrado's protection, our systems and functions remain fully and permanently accessible. We can offer all of our players a permanent connection with positive feedback and a pleasant gaming experience. The whole community thanks Nitrado for protecting our server.

Lamia Al-Saleh / Owner of Minecraft network „“

For a large Minecraft network, reliable DDoS protection is essential. With SteelShield, we are able to block malicious traffic quickly and effectively so that the gaming experience on our servers is not affected during an attack!

Marcel Steffen / Owner of Minecraft Network "Cytooxien"

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