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GIANTS Software and Nitrado

Enterprise Console Solution for Competitive Farming

GIANTS Software and Nitrado joined forces to take competitive farming to the next level through the Farming Simulator League (FSL), showcasing a unique blend of multiplayer cooperation and crossplay functionality. This partnership exemplifies how collaboration and innovation can drive the expansion of esports leagues within a gaming franchise.


A longstanding collaboration between GIANTS Software and Nitrado laid the foundation for this triumph. From supporting multiplayer servers for previous Farming Simulator titles to being the designated server host for the Farming Simulator League, Nitrado's role was integral. In late 2021, Nitrado extended assistance by providing relay server hardware, elevating the crossplay experience across different platforms. As competitive multiplayer modes gained notability, the FSL evolved into Farming Simulator 22, bringing a need for advanced server instance management.


The start of the fifth Farming Simulator League (FSL) season marked a pivotal moment in the gaming landscape, ushering in a new era of competitive farming. As GIANTS Software embarked on the ambitious focus to enhance the esports experience with Farming Simulator 22, they faced a series of challenges that demanded innovative solutions; something a close partnership with Nitrado would help to accomplish.

Stable Connectivity

Ensuring stable connectivity for competitive gaming is a cornerstone of any successful esports venture. In the context of Farming Simulator 22, where precision and speed are crucial, maintaining consistent and low-latency connections across platforms posed a formidable challenge.

Esports Compatible Performance

Elevating an esports league requires not only the excitement from the players but also top-notch performance from the underlying infrastructure. Farming Simulator 22's esports mode demanded an unique networking approach that could handle the complexities of competitive gameplay. The challenge was to achieve "esports compatible performance," where every server node provided by Nitrado needed to deliver the optimal balance between responsiveness, speed, and reliability.

Crossplay Enabled

The gaming community's desire for cross-platform play has become increasingly pronounced, bridging the gaps between different platforms and uniting players. Facilitating crossplay functionality was a multifaceted challenge that involved synchronizing gameplay experiences across various devices and operating systems.

International Availability

Farming Simulator League event

Esports is a global phenomenon, transcending geographical boundaries and uniting players from around the world. For GIANTS Software's Farming Simulator League, achieving international availability was essential. Different teams, with players from different countries, needed to participate in the league without encountering regional restrictions or performance disparities.


Nitrado's expertise shone through with the implementation of a managed game server instance solution. The Nitrado Enterprise Console emerged as the central hub for managing game server infrastructure, offering GIANTS Software the power to oversee server inventory efficiently. Advanced features such as importing, exporting, and synchronization streamlined operations, propelling the server inventory module to new heights. Nitrado's efficiency and expertise were showcased as they swiftly deployed five physical hosts, housing a remarkable 100 game servers, solidifying the backbone of FSL.

Stable Connectivity

Crossplay functionality necessitated the establishment of relay servers that could seamlessly bridge the gap between different gaming systems. These relay servers became the achor of stable connectivity and enabling players on various platforms to compete against each other without issue.

Esports Compatible Performance

Through meticulous hardware selection and close collaboration with GIANTS Software, Nitrado ensured that each server hosted by them met the demanding performance standards required for competitive Farming Simulator.

Crossplay Enabled

In addition to the benefits of stable connectivity, Nitrado's relay servers acted as crucial intermediaries, enabling players on different platforms to seamlessly engage in crossplay matches. This challenge required innovative technical solutions to ensure parity and fairness in cross-platform competition.

International Availability

Nitrado's solution to international availability encompassed a vast network of physical hosts, strategically located to ensure that players from different regions could participate without encountering issues related to geographical distance.

Farming Simulator League event

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“Since the close work on the latest FSL season, our cooperation and the communication channels have become even closer. We have a direct line to each other, which has further facilitated the collaboration to successfully move forward together. As a long-term partner, Nitrado was able to prove that we were the right partners for this project and that we could react quickly and flexibly to all requirements.”

Felix Oechsler, CTO & Managing Director of Nitrado
“Multiplayer is an integral part of our Farming Simulator universe – in our 15-year brand history, a co-op mode has been available since 2010. Farming Simulator 22 opened a new chapter with cross-play functionality and integrated esports into the game’s menu structure. Whether cooperative or competitive, millions of users cultivate their farming experience together with friends or rivals – this is also thanks to our long-term partner Nitrado.”

Boris Stefan, Head of Publishing at GIANTS Software


This dynamic partnership yielded resounding success. The Farming Simulator League seamlessly transitioned to Farming Simulator 22, with esports modes being integrated directly into the game’s main menu. Paired alongside the cross-play functionality, this united players across platforms, fostering a thriving competitive community. Teams from across the globe engaged in riveting battles, each battling for victory. Nitrado's cutting-edge server infrastructure, combined with the latest Intel CPUs, ensured powerful performance and stability, amplifying the farming esports experience to new heights!


About GIANTS Software

GIANTS Software is an international video game developer and publisher from Switzerland established in 2004 and known worldwide for creating the popular Farming Simulator series. With offices in Switzerland (Zurich), Germany (Erlangen), USA (Chicago), and Czech Republic (Brno), the teams at GIANTS Software are very committed to maintaining close contact with the agricultural industry and strong engagement with the community.

Farming Simulator League event

About Farming Simulator

Since 2008, over 30 million units of Farming Simulator have been sold worldwide. The game series has been released on all popular platforms including consoles, mobile phones, tablets, and PCs since then. From the start, the team enabled users to create mods with the company’s own GIANTS Engine. With the Farming Simulator League (FSL), the series introduced a competitive esports mode in 2019 – with teams competing in professional tournaments as well as many acclaimed brands and sponsors being on board.

Farming Simulator League event

About Nitrado

As a leading global game server hosting provider, Nitrado specializes in delivering DDoS-protected, low-latency hosting solutions across all platforms. Known for converting exceptional games into unforgettable multiplayer server experiences, Nitrado remains a trusted choice for game developers worldwide. This partnership and collaboration with GIANTS Software stands as an exemplification to Nitrado's dedication to enabling seamless online gaming experiences and propelling the evolution of esports.

In Their Own Words

“Over-all, we would recommend any studio or company looking to outsource their source and build services to Nitrado. Their staff are nothing but professional, accommodating and the hardware Nitrado provides is state-of-the-art, while their prices won't break the bank.”
- Sion Duncan, System Administrator at Impeller Studios

“We are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with Impeller Studios and are happy to have them as a customer. Their multiplayer game, ‘In the Black,’ is a great addition to our portfolio of more than 120 games.”
- Marcel Bößendörfer, Co-Founder of Nitrado

About Impeller Studios & In The Black

Impeller Studios, Inc. is a United States-based independent studio composed of developers working from around the globe. The team draws experience from across the board, consisting both of industry veterans and the best new talent from the world’s top game design programs. Impeller’s debut project, In The Black, is a PC hardcore multiplayer online space combat simulator, and takes place in a dystopian future set in the 23rd century, where mankind is ruled by ruthless corporations waging a (mostly) covert shadow war for dominance of the solar system. Hard science drives the design of everything in the game including the ships, the weapons, the environment, the physics, and the special effects. Impeller’s partners for In The Black include Alienware, Logitech, NVIDIA, and Thrustmaster.


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