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Everflow and Nitrado -
Why Nitrado's Upgrade To Everflow Magnifies Growth

Creating a strong affiliate program was going to be daunting for Nitrado: Goals had to be defined, roadblocks had to be overcome, and practical solutions for various challenges had to be found. The aim was, and is, to provide Nitrado with the modern tools and processes needed to continue to improve and provide the best affiliate management possible, period. Nitrado chose Everflow to quickly grow the Nitrado Affiliate Program, as the Nitrado team was confident that the Everflow platform was the right choice for their needs and challenges.


When Nitrado's network of partnerships with content creators and influencers all across the globe reached the milestone of 1,000 affiliates in 2021, the need for professional tools to manage said partnerships and to extract insightful data from their communities' interactions, reached an all-time high.


Tracking Method & GDPR Compliance

When looking for a new solution for affiliate management, there are a multitude of challenges that present themselves. One such challenge is the optimal tracking type: Most modern browsers automatically block third-party cookies, which makes the HTML / PIXEL tracking method obsolete. As this was the primary way Nitrado tracked affiliate activity and performance before Everflow, other tracking methods and avenues would be required.

The tracking method is an important part of providing Nitrado with crucial information on product sales, deepening the understanding of the market, and the current trends relating to it, at any given time. This is crucial for avoiding unnecessary distractions from other ongoing marketing efforts.

Another challenge that presented itself was the data that is stored and required for tracking, categorization, and preparation. To keep in line with GDPR rules and regulations for the EU region, Nitrado had to take extra care when selecting software solutions to make sure they are GDPR compliant.

Transition Period

Moving an existing affiliate management system with over 1,000 entries to Everflow had to be precisely planned out and executed meticulously. Absolutely no downtime for Nitrado’s affiliates and a seamless transition between solutions were of the highest priority.

Additionally, with transitioning over from Nitrado’s previous solution to Everflow, specific obstacles emerged that required changes associated with new routines, workflows, and day-to-day tasks.

Fraudulent Clicks and Conversions

One of the biggest challenges was to protect affiliates and networks from fraudulent activities, most commonly found in the form of fraudulent clicks and fraudulent conversions. As this is an ongoing battle against fraud and for the well-being of Nitrado and its affiliates, steady monitoring and continued collaboration between Nitrado and Everflow was, and is, required and practiced.


Server to Server Tracking

Everflow provided Nitrado with Server to Server tracking, which turned out to be the perfect solution to tackle the tracking issue. This allowed Nitrado to track and manage affiliate performance with extreme accuracy. In addition, it also works well with the adv parameters within Everflow that were defined via the server postback solution (which solves the tracking challenges and filters the most important information). An adv parameter is a single piece of information configured that helps Nitrado identify certain pieces of information needed to understand the behavior of a customer.

Everflow’s solution provides GDPR compliance out of the box, which was an important factor in the decision making by Nitrado to choose Everflow.

Database Migration

Nitrado received outstanding customer support from Everflow, providing different types of support including live chat, one-on-one, and meeting-based support. This support proved invaluable for Nitrado when migrating the affiliate database over from the old solution to Everflow, making the process as quick and simple as possible (while supporting Nitrado at every step of the way).

Preventing Fraudulent Clicks and Conversions

Everflow provides a wide array of tools for preventing fraudulent clicks and conversions, which was another deciding factor in the decision process. Everflow’s tools prevent many types of fraud with solutions like IP-group blocking, proxy invalidation, traffic blocking, and more. Everflow also supports the implementation of third-party solutions with readily available integration.


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“I had been involved in implementing Everflow as an affiliate management tool in the past, and based on the personalized support, technical features (especially tracking and reporting), and customization, it was an easy decision to recommend Everflow during the evaluation process for a new management tool. Based on my previous experience, I was not surprised that it was the tool we decided to go with after the analysis and am once again amazed by how fast we managed to have the product ready for launch. The Nitrado and Everflow team managed to bypass all of the initial hurdles to implementation and now we will be working closely together to scale our partnerships activity.”

- Adler Ribeiro, VP of Marketing at Nitrado


  • Nitrado now has an even better understanding of the data from its affiliates on what products are popular and in demand.
  • The above data supplies Nitrado’s Marketing team with crucial information to assist with budget allocation towards specific products or whole campaigns.
  • Managing affiliates has become more streamlined and efficient.
  • Flexibility to create independent campaigns on the go is quick and easy.
  • Smooth integration and transition to Everflow has been possible via Everflow tools and support, with no downtime or data loss.
  • Test phases continue to run smoothly with continued support from the Everflow team, and the mass migration of Nitrado’s affiliates is underway.

Spotlight on Nitrado

Nitrado is the leading global game server hosting company with more than 20 years of experience and strong partnerships throughout the industry. It has a unique system, which administers game servers and hosted applications dynamically and automatically.

Spotlight on Everflow

Everflow is the Partner Marketing platform that goes beyond managing affiliates: Track every performance channel, integrate your tech stack and drill down into the placements driving ROI. Join more than 800 cutting-edge agencies, networks, and brands that chose Everflow, including Omaha Mutual, Skillz, ShipBob and more.

In Their Own Words

“Over-all, we would recommend any studio or company looking to outsource their source and build services to Nitrado. Their staff are nothing but professional, accommodating and the hardware Nitrado provides is state-of-the-art, while their prices won't break the bank.”
- Sion Duncan, System Administrator at Impeller Studios

“We are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with Impeller Studios and are happy to have them as a customer. Their multiplayer game, ‘In the Black,’ is a great addition to our portfolio of more than 120 games.”
- Marcel Bößendörfer, Co-Founder of Nitrado

About Impeller Studios & In The Black

Impeller Studios, Inc. is a United States-based independent studio composed of developers working from around the globe. The team draws experience from across the board, consisting both of industry veterans and the best new talent from the world’s top game design programs. Impeller’s debut project, In The Black, is a PC hardcore multiplayer online space combat simulator, and takes place in a dystopian future set in the 23rd century, where mankind is ruled by ruthless corporations waging a (mostly) covert shadow war for dominance of the solar system. Hard science drives the design of everything in the game including the ships, the weapons, the environment, the physics, and the special effects. Impeller’s partners for In The Black include Alienware, Logitech, NVIDIA, and Thrustmaster.


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